What is the time commitment of this program?

List Builders Society is a self-paced program, meaning you can invest as many or as little hours as your schedule allows each week. A good rule of thumb would be an hour per week watching the lessons, and another 2-3 hours putting them into action.

List Builders Society is designed for rapid implementation and sustainable momentum. Meaning, as you stack up the wins and start waking up to new subscribers every morning… You’ll WANT to keep going. 

You’ll WANT to speed through the course as quickly as you can. Because as you’ll soon see, list building isn’t a chore when you know exactly what you need to be doing to get amazing results without any wasted effort. It’s actually one of the most fun and satisfying things you can do in your business. 

Lastly, don’t forget that you have lifetime access into List Builders Society, meaning you get to go at your own pace! :) 

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