How do I know if Momentum is the right fit for me?

To give you some insight, Digital Course Academy was designed to support you by giving you the foundational steps to create and launch your first course. For some, it’s resulted in 6-figure launches right from the get go! 

That said, DCA has a clearly defined beginning and end. There’s only so much content Amy can share without overwhelming new course creators! Over here at Porterfield HQ, we’re constantly learning and applying new strategies — and we’ll be sharing all of those with our founding Momentum members. 

The Momentum Membership Experience was designed to give you a continued opportunity to work directly with Amy, to go deeper into your course creation mastery, to learn more advanced strategies, and it will give you access to an elite community of fellow course creators. You will get the mindset support you need to truly flourish for the long haul. It’s the next level that’ll ensure you stay on track long after DCA wraps up. 

If this sounds like something that would help you as you build and grow your digital course business, then Momentum is the perfect place for you!  

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