Do I need to have a course launched and ready to join?

Momentum is full of digital course creators at ALL different levels. You don’t have to be completely finished creating your course to join. You don’t need to have several or even one launch under your belt. We’ll help you figure all of that out using The Momentum Success Path.

We do, however, require that all Momentum members have gone through DCA. Digital Course Academy was designed to support you by giving you the foundational steps to create and launch your first course. For some, it’s resulted in 6-figure launches right from the get-go!

The Momentum Membership Experience was designed to provide you with continued, ongoing support and accountability along your course creation journey — whether you’re working on your first or fourteenth launch. This membership is designed to help you get what you need to get to the finish line. 

It’s an opportunity to work with an elite community of fellow course creators, go deeper into your course creation mastery, learn new strategies, and get the mindset support you need to truly flourish for the long haul. Momentum is the next level that’ll ensure you stay on track and get to the finish line long after DCA wraps up.

My team and I are standing by to help you make the best decision for your business and your life. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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