Do you have an affiliate program for List Builders Society?

We're super excited you're interested in being a partner for List Builders Society

However, Amy and our team have decided to explore launching LBS without affiliates this year in 2021. 

Here’s why we made this choice… Amy believes that in order to be in integrity and to be the best teacher she possibly can be for you and thousands of our current and future students, she has to “go first”. That means experimenting even when it feels scary, and sharing her firsthand experience with you and our students.

At the end of the day we want to thrive as a business but also try new things for our students.

With all that said, don’t think for a minute that we are not 110% open to welcoming you as a valued affiliate partner in 2022 if that’s a good fit for you (I know it feels so weird to think that far into the future!) 

When it comes time to plan for 2022, please fill out this form and our Partnerships Manager will reach out to let you know what direction we’re going and if that includes having affiliates, we’d love to explore the possibility of partnering with you.

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