Does the Digital Course Academy include list building training?

In short, YES! You will learn list building strategies the minute you begin your Digital Course Academy journey. Amy has created the "Pre-Launch Runway Guide" as a kick-off BONUS inside of Digital Course Academy to help you get started with growing your list. 

The Pre-Launch Runway Guide is the ultimate plan to show you how to attract your audience, grow your email list and build real relationships so that when you launch, your audience is ready to buy. This guide will help you generate unstoppable momentum heading into your course creation and webinar launch plan.

The goal of the Pre-Launch runway is to help you build momentum WHILE you are creating your course and BEFORE you begin to launch it.  

With this plan, you’ll be bringing a ton of new faces into your world while putting your current audience on high alert that you’re stepping up your game and something amazing is coming.  

Think of the Pre-Launch Runway as a way you do business. It’s not something you do right before you launch, but it’s something you engage in EVERY SINGLE WEEK to grow your email list with quality people.

It should become part of your business. It's HOW you do business. 

Your Pre-Launch Runway becomes the incredibly important work you do between your promotions, allowing you to experience bigger results each and every time you promote your course. If you approach it in this way, you’ll see big shifts in your audience engagement and major growth in your email list. 

To ensure all new students feel confident when getting started with DCA, we suggest that beginner entrepreneurs first grow their email list to 250 subscribers before jumping into the program. 

If you already have a list of 250 subscribers or more, then the Pre-Launch Runway will definitely be the ultimate guide to help you continue building momentum before you launch your course.  

We will be relaunching this program in September 2020! You can be the first to hear about when the doors will be opening by joining our waitlist here

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