How can I get support for my questions as I work through the Digital Course Academy?

The Digital Course Academy is a 10 week course, where a new module is dripped each week (accompanied by 2 implementation weeks in between). Amy and her students work through the course at the same time, and each week Amy is LIVE inside of her DCA Facebook group answering student questions.

After the 10 week course comes to an end, all DCA students are invited to join our existing “Student’s Only” Facebook group, The Insider’s Club. The members of the group are INCREDIBLY active and this amazing community is one of the most valuable places we’ve seen for students to get their questions answered.

We created these groups to ensure that our students feel supported as they work through the course. The best way to get your questions answered is to post them inside of the group. There may be others who have similar questions and could find value in the answer!

If you you have not already joined the Amy's Alumni Facebook group, The Insider's Club, click here to log into your Kajabi account and you will find the link within any module!

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