Will I receive all the content at once?

In Digital Course Academy, Amy will teach you how to boost your email list so that when it comes time to sell your course, you will have grown an audience that is ready to buy. 

Depending on your list size, Amy does suggest that if you are just starting out with list building, it’s helpful to first grow your email list to 100 subscribers before jumping into course creation. That way your list-building foundation is set and you can hit the ground running. 

If you are just getting started with your list-building efforts, or your list size is less than 100 subscribers, we recommend starting with List Builders Society before jumping into DCA. 

I’d suggest registering for Amy’s (free!) list-building masterclass. Click here to register.

Now, if you already have a solid and growing email list, then you’ll definitely be able to use the strategies taught in DCA to boost your email list and promote and sell your digital course.
We say that the course is a “live” experience, which means that the content is slowly dripped over 9 weeks. Over those 9 weeks, 6 modules will be dripped, with 3 implementation weeks.

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