I Don't Have An Audience Or Online Business Yet. Is The Membership Experience Right For Me?

If you don't have an online business yet but have an idea, expertise, or passion about a particular topic, you're on the right track.

Not having an audience or having a small audience isn't the problem that it once used to be.

So many in The Membership Experience have launched with small lists.

For example:

Jonathan Milligan had a small list of 621 subscribers and he did a “beta launch”. His goal was 50 members at $20/month (resulting in $1,000/month in recurring revenue).

He accomplished that goal in 48 hours and his site now has over 350+ members.

Another example is Nicholas Wilton who just launched a membership site for his small audience of artists (200 people).

His promotion went to a list of 200. 180 of those people signed up at $30/month. That's an immediate $5,400/month!

Will that happen for everyone with a list of 200? No. But it does demonstrate that it can be done. The key is that you develop a deep relationship with your audience. Then when you do offer something, they respond.

So should you focus on list/audience building before starting a membership? The reality is, everyone needs to focus on list building regardless of their list size. Sure it will be a little slower if you don't have an existing audience. But that's ok.

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